Well, hello there and welcome to my blog.

Peter Pan, the reason we will stay young forever.

This is the first post, which is why it ought to be an awesome post. I don’t know wheter I can complete that task, but I shall try.

First, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Alba and I am a seventeen year old Dutch girl, currently living in Amsterdam. I have been wanting to make a blog ever since the beginning of 5 VWO but sadly I didn’t have enough time, or energy (believe me I was very very tired and lazy this year…). Luckily summer vacation has just started and now, I have got plenty of time to start writing and tell my stories.

This past year I have changed, personally, a lot and I’ve found some new hobbies. One of my biggest hobbies is running, hardlopen, it gives me the opportunity to escape from this (sometimes very horrible) world and the daily struggles.

Running makes me happy and it always clears my mind.

It gives me the possibility to escape from this world.”

Another hobby, which is linked to hardlopen is: OCR, Obstacle Course Running. I have been doing it for quite some time now, have attended two events already, have got two other OCR events on the agenda and have become seriously addicted! I hope I can motivate you enough to become an obstacle runner or hardloper yourself.

There will definitly be a lot of article about these two hobbies, but I will write about so much more, like: my small obsession with scandinavia (I am saving for a vaction to Iceland), or my small addiction to badminton (yes, I play badminton and I love it), my favourite books (because when I have got the time I can read forever), my favorite music (you know, I know the whole Harry Potter soundtrack and I will recognize every song and will be able to tell you to which scene it belongs…. I love soundtracks…), my favorite series (because… well… I am watching Doctor Who at this very same moment…) and my journeys to wherever.

Well, I hope you’ll like it and maybe even get inspired.



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