Well, hello…

I don’t whether you have noticed but it is summer vacation (for a week already, Alba, get over it…). I don’t know, maybe I have lost track of time by watching series ‘till 3 o’clock in the morning. But I am just wildly guessing here.

Alright I expect you have allheard the name ‘billboardcharts’  come across at least once in your life. I have, several time,s and I always watch the billboardcharts of the week. Why? Because I want to stay up to date with the music these days.

You know, later, when I enter one of those quizzes I want to be able to tell them with proud I know what the song ‘trufflebutter’ is about and who wrote it.

No, that’s not the reason. The reason I want to stay up to date is because there might be a good song among all those “hits”. And that’s the problem I have with the billboardcharts: they just contain the so called hits. The hits everybody knows and can sing along. The problem is that the charts don’t contain the songs which make me happy, the songs I can listen for days or months or years, the song which take me to another world, the songs which will make me dream, the songs that will make me forget my sorrow or the songs that perfectly fit.

No, they’re just not of my taste. They don’t describe me. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to: THE BILLBOARDCHARTS

Charts 1.5

Charts 1.6

I hope you liked it and that you may have discovered some new music. Just a piece of advice I would like to give you: all these albums are brilliant, so check these out!



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