About me


My name is Alba. I am a sixteen and a half years old girl living in the Netherlands. Some people think I am very shy, but I can assure you that that’s not really true. I love badminton, Doctor Who, tea, backpacking, Scandinavia, technics, physics and reading.

-It’s my dream to live in Iceland, to backpack through Scandinavia, to go to where I haven’t been yet.

Ever since I was young I has been my dream to go to Iceland, to live there, to see its vulcanoes, to go to the blue lagoon and to see its beautiful landscape. Since my obsession with Iceland, I have created an obsession with Scandinavia. I have been in Sweden, Norway and Denmark already, and the other countries will follow :). I love Scandinavia: I love the people, I love the culture, I love the nature, I love the ambiance and I love the bread… espacially Mjukkaka nomnomnomnom

I am quite a tea addict, to be honest. I can drink it all day and all night, espacially when I am watching Doctor Who. Yes Doctor Who. I am a Doctor Who addict, I even read the books and have a mini tardis in my room. Actually, you can say I am a BBC addict; I love Sherlock, Downtown Abbey, the Borgias, East Enders, Merlin, The Graham Norton Show, Ripper Street, Little Britain and ofcourse Monty Python.

At a normal day, I like to go running, read a good book, watch some Doctor Who (yes, I know), do some programming, hang out with some friends… well that kind of stuff.

Well, if you’ve got any question, feel free to ask 🙂

Christmas me.
Christmas me.



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